I have always considered myself an Old Soul; I have never felt that I belong in this generation. I am selective with my time and tend to be geared towards solitude. I created this blog, as a path to reconnect with my true self and enjoy the little things in life.

Who is 'ELD'?
My initials are a key part of my identity, and I display them whenever the opportunity presents itself. They ultimately serve as a reminder of my inner strength and ability to carry myself through anything life throws my way, good or bad.

So what do you want to do with your life? 
Simply put, I want to make a difference. I graduated Cum Laude with my degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Salisbury University, and minors in English and Psychology. I hope to one day become a sex therapist/marriage and family therapist, and was just accepted into Widener University's Dual Degree program for Social Work and Human Sexuality.